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DaanMatch is launching a system that enables formal donors to minimize their administrative burden, reduce risks, and increase impact.

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How we aim for localization:

Unmatched Transparency: 
Donors can track impact with real-time data and ongoing, fraud resistant auditable reporting. 

Reduced administrative burden & minimized risk:

Streamlined due diligence, democratized transparency, and a data pipeline that dramatically increases the pool of eligible and effective local partners.

Improved targets for improved outcomes:  

Granular country data aid in targeting support to regions and populations with the most critical needs.

Precision matching:

Donors are matched with projects they love, projects are managed by aligned, effective, transparent local partners, and everyone can do more good.

Knowledge graphs, AI, distributed ledgers, tokens, smart contracts, image tech, speech tech, mobile tech, GPS, the largest single database of pan-India NGOs, and a gritty team, dedicated to a solution

If you are involved in philanthropy in India, whether you're part of a foundation, 

a family office, or a corporation's CSR initiative, we'd like to speak with you.

Advanced technology makes impact simple.

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